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Canal cruises amsterdam

The boat


Canal cruises amsterdam

The boat


Saloon boat Jonckvrouw Amstel

Saloon boat Jonckvrouw

—a unique boat in Amsterdam

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Length 13.40 m
Width 3.04 m
Depth 1.40 m

Steel and Teakwood

Double floor

our boat

—comfortable and fun

Saloon boat the «Jonckvrouw», formerly “Port of Amsterdam”, with its rich history, is the most unique boat in Amsterdam

1928 Royal Edition
The «Jonckvrouw» is a luxurious and spacious saloon boat built in 1928 by B. Tans & sons, shipbuilding in Rotterdam, commissioned by the Municipal Port of Amsterdam and used for Presidents, Mayors, and Royal families from 1928 to 2015.

The «Jonckvrouw (former Havenbeheer) has been used for most of its existence as a management vessel at the Municipal Port of Amsterdam for promotional purposes for the city and port. After being replaced by a larger boat, she was transferred to a foundation under her new name «Jonckvrouw» and was completely restored.

She is now available for ticketed and private charters for individuals and companies.

Fully equipped


covered lounge

The indoor saloon seats 12 people and has two sofas and two loveseats with comfortable cushions. It has a table in the center for snacks, lunch or buffet.
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Open aft deck

The open aft deck is a plus for taking pictures, enjoying the beauty of the canals and the bright sky. Or if you want to smoke a cigarette, do it here.

Tour privé en bateau

Sliding glass windows

Previously, the boat was completely covered and closed. Now you can easily open and close the glass windows whenever you want.


sliding sunroof

We open the roof when it is sunny and close it when it rains. The same pleasure as an open sloop but with the comfort of a saloon boat.


toilet on board

It is an unexpected luxury. Most boat owners cut down the toilet to create additional seating. We understand the need. 

100% electric

The port moved to a larger ship, the «Jonckvrouw» went to a foundation. In 2021 it was time to make this beautiful classic boat fully electric.

History (short version)

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer in Amsterdam

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer in Amsterdam Bestanddeelnr 901 1721

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer
A cruise through the Amsterdam canals just after the Second World War on November 30, 1945, with Sir Ernest Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer was a diamond and gold mining entrepreneur, financier and philanthropist who controlled De Beers and founded the Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa.

In 1958 Kraaijer Shipyard in Zaandam not only renovated the saloon boat, but they also modernized it a little. They changed the front and made the windows on the left and right sides of the wheelhouse semi-circular.


Renamed to «Jonckvrouw»
In 1996, the Port of Amsterdam switched to a larger boat and the saloon boat was transferred to the Foundation for Public Transport Museum Amsterdam and later to the Stichting Motorschip Jonckvrouw. The saloon boat was renamed from Havenbeheer to Jonckvrouw aka The Royal Lady.

Promotional purposes
The Municipal Port of Amsterdam changed its strategy and, from 1974 onwards, increasingly used this boat for promotional purposes in the city and port.

Heads of state and Mayors regularly made use of this service. In addition, the ship was used for our own royal family, including the traditional cruise on the Amstel at the end of the liberation concert on 5 May.

Mayor’s wedding
Wedding of Amsterdam’s Mayor Ed van Thijn together with Odette Taminiau in 1992

At the time, the mayors of Amsterdam were often seen on it, which earned it the nickname «mayor’s boat».


Back-up for eminent persons and the Royal Family
To this day, the «Jonckvrouw» still serves as a backup for the new boat from the port of Amsterdam as can be seen in the photo and video below with King Willem Alexander and former Queen Beatrix in 2015.

The Dutch Royal family on the saloon boat Jonckvrouw.
Sail 2015

Right: King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. Princess Amalia sits on the aft deck. Surrounded by police boats to ensure safety.
Above: A glimpse of our former Queen Beatrix and her daughter-in-law Princess Mabel joining their family on the boat.

In 2020 Captain Dave Amsterdam took over the workflow of the foundation and completely renovated the Royal Lady while retaining her beautiful character.